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“I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with Carmen on my drum making and healing journeys. Carmen’s knowledge runs so deep, each and every moment with her is filled with a magic beyond comprehension. I have no doubt that I will cherish my drum throughout the entirety of my life and beyond, the journey that she took us on during the making of the drum is one I will never forget. I cannot recommend Carmen’s work enough, people like her and the moments she shares are what makes life truly meaningful.”

Caitlan M

Here’s my brief but heartfelt words: “Carmen holds a beautiful, calm and reverent space in her shamanic drum-making workshops. Her skillful guidance ensures each maker’s creation process is uniquely honored, resulting in beautiful drums that are a treasured and sacred spiritual companion.”

Ysabel B

Carmen is an amazing facilitator when hosting Circles of any kind, she brings passion and knowledge which she generously shares to all.
Those involved in the circle leave with a fullness of heart and acceptance of their being as an individual.

Charles W

Thank you beautiful Carmen. This is the second time I had the opportunity to be lead by you, first when I created my beautiful Shamanic Drum which I now use for my sessions, and now creating the rattle. You are a gentle and powerful teacher. Loved the Women's Circle you also lead after our workshop. Looking forward maintaining the connection with you and participating in more of your amazing workshops. Much love and many blessings.

Nancy M

I have had several healing drumming sessions with the most beautiful lady Carmen over the past few years now. Each time I have had my drumming session has been the most amazing out of body experience. The feeling of the drums beating through my body from head to toe is just incredible! The amount of energy I could feel from the drums into my body was amazing. I can’t even explain the feeling all I can say is that my experiences I have had with Carmen and her shamanic drum healing sessions have been incredible and I highly recommend it.

Sally B

An enjoyable, relaxing, mindful & productive day was had attending Carmen's Drum Making workshop. After creating a beautiful looking & sounding instrument, in a safe space with materials provided by Carmen & under her expert tutilage, those in the small group were given the opportunity to experience a Sharmanic spirit retrieval ritual. A worthwhile experience & day well spent.

Celia L

Carmen is a wonderful teacher. She has a beautiful open heart.
And fills any creative space with limitless possibilities and healing. I will always cherish the day of my Shamanic drum making workshop with Carmen. As it was gentle and soulful and I really adore my drum. Thank you Carmen for weaving magic into my life. Very grateful to have met you.

Christine C

I had the pleasure of spending a day with Carmen ,some years ago now, and she guided me through the process of making a drum and 2 ‘whackers’ Carmen was very patient and calm, gave a really interesting background history lesson of the drum and fully explained the process of drum making. The finished drum is still a very treasured part of my life. I can highly recommend Carmen.

Cooch W

Carmen is a beautiful soul who is passionate about sharing her skills and wisdom. It was awesome to share in circle and experience making my own Shamanic Drum. Her home grown Sage is divine.

Kaye M


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