Drum and Rattle making is an act of creation. The bringing to life of an instrument of prayer.

A drum is a medicine tool from our hearts, with our hands, for the earth. A drum helps us to connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It is a means of healing and awakening ourselves and others as we drum.

The drum beat represents the creative power in all things including the power to change. A drum is a voice. A voice that is a gift to us from a greater being. The human mind fixates upon the monotonous and repetitiveness.

Constant drum rhythms used in Meditation, Chanting, Shamanic Journeys or Shamanic Trance Music have a direct effect upon the brain function and mood of the involved listener. This allows the expression of one’s own uniqueness and to create a relationship with the Spirit of the drum. 

The Rattle represents a union with the earth and sky. Rattles are one of the most ancient of musical instruments. The mood of a Rattle can vary considerably from the sound of soft gentle rain to the angry buzz of a rattlesnake. The contents of the Rattle determines the sound. When used in healing Rituals, the Spirit meaning of the contents in the Rattle are important for the healing process.

Spend a day in Circle while you make your own traditional Shamanic Hand Drum or Rattle. Bring an open heart and clear intention for your creation as we spend a day creating your tools.

The full cost of Workshop is $400.00 for a 16 inch Drum and $150 for Rattle.

All materials for the workshop are supplied and it takes approximately 5 to 6 hours although allow flexibility of time as it may vary.

Please bring a comfortable cushion, a large towel, your bottle of water, a plate of something yummy to share throughout the day and an open heart with a clear intention for your Healing Drum.

I look forward to sharing space with you and creating together.