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Welcome to Natural Magix. 

My name is Carmen Gloria and sharing with you through these services and products gives me great joy.

I have been deeply and passionately involved with everything that I offer on this site for most of my life.  Self Development led me to Holistic Counselling and Meditation which I have intergrated with the love of growing herbs, mixing blends, creating pottery pieces, candle making, drum making, rattle making and other creative avenues that I can now share with you.

Though I work with a lot of herbs the White Grandfather Sage (Salvia Apiana) has been my inspiration and it’s the plant that I feel most comfortable with.  Grandfather has definitely been my good companion and my very favourite plant.  It’s a powerful male on it’s own though I love to mostly combine it with Lavender representing the feminine which seems to calm the Grandfather allowing it’s powerful properties to support us in a more gentle way. 

The White Grandfather Sage is used mainly for Smudging which means to cleanse or clear negative energies,  it has many other uses though as it is such a powerful plant one must be very careful and do the research before using it medicinally.

White Grandfather has a versatile aroma which pairs well with Palo Santo, Desert Sage, Lemongrass, Lavender and I also like to combine it with Mugwort which is used for cleansing and clearing negative thoughts.  Burning these is delicious and I love it either in a smudge stick or in the burning blend.

During my life I have always burnt The White Grandfather Sage for Cleansing and Clearing as well as exploring with the essential oil in various forms and creating beautiful products that I use in my daily life.

"White Grandfather Sage tickles my spirit over and over".

I was working in an office many years ago and the energy in this environment was very toxic with stress and so on.  I couldn’t burn Grandfather Sage there due to fire alarms and other rules in general. That’s when I came up with the Grandfather Mist Spray which I do blend with Lavender.  It feels as good to me as burning when I spray the Mist all over my body and my space.

I use the White Grandfather Sage essential oil in the foaming soap blended with Lavender which is refreshing and cleansing in many levels.  I also use it in the Eco Soy candles which is another way to cleanse your environment as the candle burns.

To make essential oil takes an enormous amount of the plant to produce one drop which means every drop is very powerful so it leads me to say don’t over use any of these products and do not ingest please without extensive medical research for you as an individual.

Enjoy your purification practice experience with care, love and respect.

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Crystals Crystals

Shamanic Drums and Rattles

Medicine drums, rattles and other tools have been used as far back as history takes us in all different traditions and countries.  It is up to us to utilize these tools at this time however these feel good for each individual for our highest good and the highest good of others.

The human mind fixates upon the monotonous and repetitiveness. Constant rhythms used in Meditation & Chanting have a direct effect upon the brain function and mood of the involved listener. This allows the expression of one’s own uniqueness and to create a relationship with the Spirit of the medicine tools.

I believe that our medicine tools are our great friends always ready to connect and support us to transcend from a so called “bad” feeling to a so called “good” feeling as we quiet our minds.  They help the busy negative mind to stop and settle to allow one to continue at a much slower and peaceful way.  While one is back to a so called “normal” or a so called “good” feeling, it is then our turn to be there for our medicine tools and be their great friend by being with them more often so that one doesn’t need to keep going back just for their help though to have them as part of our daily practice and receive their support on a regular basis for ongoing balance.

I love my medicine tools from the bottom of my heart.  It’s wonderful to observe the experiences of positive changes that they bring to those that use them and become confident with them. There is no wrong or right how you connect remembering that it’s a connection to the heart beat of Mother Earth through sound and an open heart in your own individual way.

I make all Drums and Rattles with Ceremony and respect honouring the Medicine tool and the Spirit of the Kangaroo which is what I use to create these tools.  All Drums and Rattles are different as I hand make each one.

Drum and Rattle Making Workshops are available if you feel the calling to make your own.  It’s a full day Workshop and it’s hard work though very worth it at the end of the birthing of your Medicine Tools.

Handmade Pottery

I chose to learn the art of pottery as the idea of it’s messy, unpredictable, fun nature appealed to me. I was looking for an avenue to be able to express myself through art and playing with clay seemed so right. I have enjoyed this journey and hope to continue to learn different modalities as I continue to explore this form of art.

After trying different ways of making ceramic pieces, it was a disappointment to discover that the same pieces could be massed produced. So it became my intention to find a style that could not be reproduced by a mass manufacturer keeping each piece an individual piece though being able to mix and match.

My desire is to create unique and individual pieces each different in their own way in a style that is natural and organic.

Essential Oils, Chakras, Crystals and Affirmations

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants.  They have been used throughout history and today for their therapeutic benefits without the risk of side effects when used correctly.  I do have to note that some Essential Oils can’t be used on individuals for example if you have Epilepsy or if you are pregnant so be sure to check the bottles for precautions or consult your medical practitioner before use especially when you are ingesting oils.  It is very important that you only ingest Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils that have been approved for ingestion. Always choose essential oils that 100% pure. 

There are 3 different methods of application and use.  Oils may be applied topically, ingested and diffused aromatically. 


To use the essential oil aromatically you simply smell the oil directly from the bottle or add a few drops into the palms of the hand and rub together then inhale.  You can also place a few drops into a diffuser which vaporises the oil into the air.


Add some oil in the palm of the hand with a carrier oil and apply to desired area.  Apply to pulse points and reflexology points. Please remember to not overdo it so a little goes a long way.

reflexology foot points   reflexology hands points


Only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils can be ingested and I highly recommend that you consult a Holistic Medical Practitioner before ingesting Essential Oils.

Essential Oils support us in various ways and for me I love using them mainly to support the Emotional part of us that needs care.  Applying Essential Oils using the Chakras as a reference point of application I feel is the most beneficial to emotional health obviously also all over the body though the Chakra points to slow down or to speed up coming to a point of balance.


Chakras are energy centres that are in your body and through the Chakras the energy flows freely to keep your physical, mental and spiritual attributes balanced.  When we are not balanced we tend to feel on one end of the scale with anxiety and negative feelings around an emotion so we need to slow things down.  By applying blends on your Chakra points in a slow circular motion we can communicate with our body and assist it in slowing down so to speak as well when you are on the other end of the scale feeling drained and slow then we can assist by applying blends on your Chakra centres in a faster circular motion.  The intention is to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. 


Affirmations are beneficial and proven to assist us so I have shared with you affirmations that support each Chakra area so if you want to really go deep then affirm these affirmations as you are applying.  Trust yourself in knowing where your attention needs to be focused on your body.  Your body will speak to you and let you know where there is imbalance.

Meditation, Journaling, being in nature, good healthy habits are all part of our healing process and I highly recommend combining these with your daily practices.

Chakra 1 – Root 

Location:  base of spine

Colour:  red

Sound:  LAM

Function:  sense of security, survival instinct, stability

Indications of Blockage:  weight issues, constipation, sciatica, powerlessness, knee issues, arthritis

Suggested Essential Oils: 

BasilThe Oil of Renewal -  The main moods that are improved with Basil are primarily fatigue, low energy, being overwhelmed, and the inability to cope with life’s stressors.  The smell of Basil oil brings strength to the heart and relaxation to them mind.  This oil is also excellent for states of nervousness anxiousness and despair.  Basil oil supports those who are under a great deal of mental strain.  It brings rejuvenation of vital forces after long periods of burnout and exhaustion.  Basil oil may strengthen the adrenals and restore the body to its natural rhythms of sleep, activity and rest.  Basil is also helpful for recovery from negative habits.  It gives hope and optimism to the tired soul. Basil may assist an individual in giving up false stimulants.  By increasing natural energy, it helps individuals to achieve greater balance and health.  In short, Basil is indicated for those who are weary in mind and body and for those in need of strength and renewal.

Cedarwood – The Oil of Community – brings people together to experience the strength and value of community.  Those in need of Cedarwood struggle to form bonds within social groups.  This can often be due to an overdeveloped sense of individuality.  Rather than allowing themselves to be supported by family friends, or a community, they live by excessive self-reliance.  On the other and, the individual’s difficulty forming social roots may also stem from feeling disconnected and separate from the human family.  Cedarwood inspires the feeling of belonging and assists the heart in the opening to receive the love and support of other people.  It invites the strong-willed individuals to couple the strength of individuality with the supportive power of community.  Cedarwood support individuals in seeing that they are not alone, life is a shared experience.  Cedarwood also assists in opening the awareness of individuals to the support system t is already available to the, such as friends or family that have been overlooked.  It invites individuals to both give and receive, so they may experience the strength of groups and the joy of relationships.

Vertiver – The Oil of Centering & Descent – Vertier oil assists in becoming more rooted in life.  Life can scatter one’s energy and make individuals feel split between different priorities, people and activities.  Vertiver brings the individual back down to earth.  It assists them in grounding to the physical world.  Vertiver also assists individuals in deeply connecting with what they think and feel.  In this way, Vertiver is incredibly supportive in all kinds of self-awareness work.  It helps uncover the root of an emotional issue.  Vertiver challenges the need to escape pain.  It centres individuals in their True Self and guides them downward to the root of their emotional issues.  It helps them find relief but not through avoidance.  Relief comes after they have travelled within and met the core of their emotional issue.  Vertiver will not let them quit.  It grounds them in the present moment and carries them through an emotional catharsis.  The descent into the True Self assists individuals in discovering deeper facets of their being.  Vertiver opens the doors to light and recovery through this downward journey.

Patchouli – The Oil of Physicalitysupports individuals in becoming fully present in their physical body.  It balances those who feel devitalized and who seek to escape the body through spiritual pursuits or other forms of distraction.  Patchouli tempers obsessive personalities by brining them down to reality and teaching them moderation.  This oil is grounding and stabilizing.  Patchouli compliments yoga practice tai chi, or other exercises that aim to connect the spirit with the body.  While using Patchouli, individuals feel more grounded and fluid.  This oil calms fear and nervous tension, stilling the heart and mind in preparing the spirit and body for deeper union.  It also helps individuals to stay in touch with the earth.  Patchouli helps individuals appreciate the magnificence of the physical body and all of its natural processes and functions.  It assists in releasing emotional judgements and issues related to the body, such as believing the body in unholy or dirty.  This oil helps with body image distortions and general body dislike.  Patchouli brings confidence in the body, as well as grace, poise and physical strength.  It reminds individuals of their childhood experiences when they used their bodies for play and fun.  On the deepest level, Patchouli assists an individual to feel at peace while being present in their physical body.

Siberien Fir - The Oil of Aging and Perspectiveaddresses generational healing from the perspective of the mature.  It assists during the twilight years as individuals transition into a more full, mature awareness.  This period in one’s life cycle can be beset with losses of many kinds.  Siberian Fir offers comfort and support during periods of grief, regret, and longing.  It aids in the necessary healing and reconciliation process of a life full of mixed experiences.  Siberian Fir encourages an honest and gentle approach to assessing one’s life choices, influence, and legacy.  Upon reflection all people will find moments of regret and moments they cherish.  Siberian Fir teaches that without the winds of opposition, individuals would never have gained the wisdom and strength they now possess.  It also reminds that forgiveness – both needing to forgive and needing to be forgiven – is integral to development.  Siberian Fir helps ease difficult transitions by encouraging individuals to focus on finding meaning and purpose with each new chapter.  As they progress through life, individuals may need to realign their hopes and aspirations to the realities of the present moment.  Siberian Fir offers its steady energy through periods of change and adjustment, reminding individuals to look for the good and remember that they are inherently valuable and needed.  The best gift that can be given to the next generation is sharing the heart at peace.

Myrrh – The Oil of Mother Earth nurtures the soul’s relationship with its maternal mother and with the earth.  This oil supports individuals who have had disturbances with the mother-child bond.  Whether it’s a division between the child and the biological mother or Mother Earth herself.  Myrrh can help bridge the gap and heal the disturbance.  This division or lack of attachment may be related to adoption, birth trauma, malnourishment, experiences of abandonment, or other childhood issues.  Myrrh helps the soul to feel the love and nurturing presence of a mother.  Similar to the nutrient-rich colostrum found in a mother’s milk, Myrrh oil inoculates individuals from the emotionally adverse and harmful effects of the world.  Like the warmth of a mother’s love for her child, Myrrh assists individuals in feeling safe and secure.  When the mother-child bond has been disrupted, the soul may lose its childlike ability to trust.  Feelings of trust are replaced with feelings of fear and a belief that the world is unsafe.  Myrrh assists individuals in letting go of fear.  Through re-establishing a healthy connection to the earth and to one’s own mother, Myrrh rekindles trust within the soul.  As the individual learns to once again live in trust, confidence in the goodness of life returns and the soul feels safe and more at home.

Cilantro – The Oil of Releasing Control – facilities a detoxification of negative emotions and debris.  It is helpful in lightening one’s load through the release of issue buried in the body, heart, and soul.  Similar to Coriander oil, which is distilled from the seeds of the same plant, Cilantro assists individuals in shedding what is not in harmony with their True Self. Those in need of Cilantro may attempt to obsessively control other people or manage their environment.  Inwardly, these individuals may experience a great deal of worry and mental strain.  They may become constricted, clinging to or obsessing over material possessions.  Individuals may even hold onto the very patterns, emotions, issues,  and possessions that may impair or betray their True Self.  Cilantro facilitates emotional cleansing, and especially encourages the release of worry and control as it assists individuals in centering in their True Self.  Cilantro liberates the soul from heavy burdens, enabling the individual to live light and free.

Suggested Crystals: 

Citrine increases self confidence, desire and creativity.  Strengthens memory and intellect.  It is also known as the abundance or wealth stone.

Red Jasper balances emotions and encourages taking responsibility for decisions.  Strengthens the root chakra and gives one a sense of strength, energy and vitality.

Carnelian eliminates confusion and is therefore recommended for people who tend to be absentminded.  May reduce depression and feelings of loneliness.  Directs creative energy to ones higher self.

Suggested Affirmation:  “I am a divine being of light.  I am peaceful, protected, and secure.”

Chakra 2 – Sacral

Location:  lower abdomen

Colour:  orange

Sound:  VAM

Function:  desire, pleasure, sexuality, creativity

Indications of Blockage:  impotence, frigidity, lower back issues, kidney issues, lack of purpose, jealousy

Suggested Essential Oils: 

Black Pepper – Unmaskingrevels the masks and facades used to hide aspects of the self.  Since childhood, most individuals have been taught that some feelings and behaviours are good while others are not.  So instead of seeking to understand seemingly inappropriate feelings and behaviours, they usually judge, condemn, and repress them.  Individuals learn early on that to be loved and accepted, they must hide undesirable aspects of themselves behind a mask or facade.  Black Pepper invites individuals to get real by digging deep within the less understood parts of the self.  Whether one’s true motives and feelings are acknowledged or not, they continue to exist.  The more these feelings are pushed down, buried and repressed, the more they seek to make themselves known.  If they are not honestly dealt with and acknowledged, they will often be expressed through erratic, compulsive or addictive behaviours.  Black Pepper also reignites the soul fire, fuelling motivation and high energy and hastening the healing process.  It gives individuals strength to overcome the challenges and issues they carry inside and invites them to live in integrity with their True Self.

Cinnamon – The Oil of Sexual Harmony support sexual issues and the reproductive system.  It assists individuals in accepting their body and embracing their physical attractiveness.  Cinnamon dispels fear of refection and nurtures healthy sexuality.  It rekindles sexual energies when there has been repression, trauma or abuse.  It can also bring clarity to souls who struggle with their sexual identity.  Cinnamon also assists individuals in relationships where insecurities are shown by jealousy or control.  It encourages the soul to let go of control and allow others to be free.  Cinnamon can nurture strong relationships based on mutual love and respect.  Where there are other insecurities covered by pretence, facade and pride, Cinnamon warms and bolsters the individual helping them feel safe, protected and secure enough to choose humility and risk being truly known.  Cinnamon invites individuals to be honest and vulnerable, thereby allowing true intimacy to emerge.

Cypress – The Oil of Motion and Flow this powerful oil creates energetic flow and emotional catharsis.  Stagnant energies are brought into motion through the fluid energy of this oil.  Cypress works in the heart and mind, creating flexibility.  Cypress teaches the soul how to let go of the past by moving with the flow of life.  This oil is especially indicated for individuals who are mentally or emotionally stuck, stiff, rigid, tense, or have perfectionistic tendencies.  This driving stems from fear and the need to control.  The individual tries to force things in life rather than allowing them to unfold naturally.  Cypress encourages individuals to cast aside their worries and let go of control so they can enjoy the thrill that comes from being alive.  It reminds individuals that damnation is simply the discontinuation of growth and development, and invites them to step out of the way and allow life to flow freely or without compulsion.  Cypress shows how to have perfect trust in the flow of life.

Tangerine – The Oil of Spontaneity it’s strong qualities of joyfulness can lift the darkest of moods.  It can assist those who feel cut off from the lightness of heart often manifested by children.  Those who feel overburdened by responsibility would benefit from Tangerine’s uplifting vibration.  It encourages a person to be creative and spontaneous.  Creativity can be stifled by an excessive sense of duty or creating rigid standards for oneself.  While work, duty and responsibility all have their place, feeling overworked, overly responsible and overburdened leads to a loss of creative energy.  Tangerine invites individuals to make room for their creative side and asks that they reinsert fun, joy and spontaneity into their lives.  Tangerine supports individuals in accessing the abundant pool of creative energy held within the spirit.  It then assists that energy in flowing through the heart and into physical manifestation.  Tangerine teaches individuals to enjoy life by being more abundantly creative and to re-experience the joy and spontaneity they knew in childhood.

Wild Orange – The Oil of Abundance addresses a wide variety of emotional issues.  It inspires abundance, fosters creativity and supports a positive mood.  Wild Orange also reconnects individuals with their inner child and brings spontaneity, fun, joy and playfulness into one’s life.  At its core, Wild Orange teaches the true meaning of abundance.  It encourages individuals to let go of scarcity mindsets with all of their manifestations, including fear, nervousness, inflexibility, over working, lack of humour and the belief that there is not enough.  Wild Orange reminds the soul of the limitless supply found in nature.  Fruit trees, like the orange tree, give freely to all in need.  This oil teaches individuals to give without thought of compensation.  In nature, there is always enough to go around.  Wild Orange encourages individuals to let go of their need to hoard, which is the epitome of scarcity.  Wild Orange also assists an individual’s natural creative sense.  It inspires limitless solutions for problems and issues.  One never needs to live in fear.  Wild Orange invites individuals to completely let go as a child does and to live from their True Self.  At a person’s core, they are abundance.  Sharing, playing, relaxing and enjoying the bounties of life – these are the gifts bestowed by Wild Orange oil.

Suggested Crystals: 

Citrine increases self confidence, desire and creativity.  Strengthens memory and intellect.  It is also known as the abundance or wealth stone.

Carnelian eliminates confusion and is therefore recommended for people who tend to be absent-minded.  May reduce depression and feelings of loneliness.  Directs creative energy to ones higher self.

Clear Quartz can amplify and purify thoughts.  It absorbs energy and can transfer the energy to your inner self.  Amplifies feelings and therefore not advised to hold during difficult physical or mental times.

Suggested Affirmation:  “I am authentically creating a life free of stress and full of bliss.”

Chakra 3 - Solar Plexus

Location:  solar plexus

Colour:  yellow

Sound:  RAM

Function:  will, joy, power, anger

Indications of Blockage:  digestive issues, lack of will or discipline, lust for power

Suggested Essential Oils:

Bergamot – The Oil of Self-Acceptance relieves feeling of despair, self-judgement and low self-esteem.  It supports individuals in need of self-acceptance and self-love.  Bergamot invites individuals to see life with more optimism.  Bergamot has a cleaning effect on stagnant feelings and limiting belief systems.  Because of core beliefs of being bad, unlovable and not good enough, they seek to hide behind a facade of cheerfulness.  They may fear revealing their true thoughts and feelings.  Bergamot’s powerful cleaning properties generate movement in the energy system, which in turn brings hope.  In this way, Bergamot is wonderful for those who feel down and hopeless.  It awakens the soul to hope and offers courage to share the inner self.  Reigniting optimism and confidence in the self, it imparts true self-acceptance.  Bergamot teaches individuals to let go of self-judgment by learning to love themselves unconditionally.

Cassia – The Oil of Self-Assurancebrings gladness and courage to the heart and soul.  It is a wonderful remedy for the shy and timid.  It helps those who hold back and try to hide.  When a person avoids being the centre of attention, Cassia can restore their confidence.  Similar to Cinnamon, Cassia dispels fear and replaces it with self-assurance.  It challenges individuals to try, even when they are afraid of making mistakes.  Cassia aids those who feel foolish by helping them see their own brilliance.  It supports the soul in seeing its own value and potential.  Cassia assists individuals in discovering their innate gifts and talents.  It invites them to let their lights shine and live from their True Self.

Clove – The Oil of Boundaries supports individuals in letting go of victim mentality.  Victims feel overly influenced by other people and outside circumstances.  They perceive themselves as powerless to change their life situations.  Clove helps individuals stand up for themselves, be proactive and feel capable of making their own choices, regardless of others.  Clove assists individuals in letting go of patterns of self-betrayal and co-dependency by reconnecting them with their personal integrity.  It builds up appropriate boundaries and defences.  Glove give pushovers the courage to say “no”.  It reignites the inner fire and encourages individuals to stand up for themselves.  It can assist when there has been a history of weakened boundaries caused by mistreatment, exploitation, repeated traumatic or compromising experiences.  Clove is helpful in breaking free of these patterns by restoring an individuals’ sense of self and helping them regain the strength needed to advocate for their right to self-containment and protection.

Coriander – The Oil of Integrity is the oil of integrity specifically integrity with oneself.  The person in need of Coriander oil may be trapped in a cycle of serving others while neglecting their own needs.  They may also have a strong desire to do what is right or correct.  Often the mind’s perspective of the right way is too limited when seen from only one perspective.  Coriander reminds individuals that there is more than one way to do something and that fitting in often requires betraying the True Self.  Coriander moves the individual from doing things for the acceptance of others to honouring and living from the True Self.  There are as many ways of being as there are people in the world.  Each soul must learn it’s own way of living and being.  Coriander gives courage to step out of the box and risk being who one really is.  Coriander teaches that each individual is a gift to the world with something unique, which no one else has to offer.  Only they can express their uniqueness.  Integrity with oneself means living in connection with what one’s spirit urges and directs.  Coriander helps individuals live from the True Self.

Fennel – The Oil of Responsibility supports the individual who has a weakened sense of self.  The individual may feel defeated by life’s responsibilities, having little or no desire to improve their situation.  Fennel reignites a passion for life.  It encourages the soul to take full ownership and responsibility for its choices.  Fennel teaches that life is not too much or too big to handle.  Fennel encourages individuals to live in integrity with themselves, despite the judgements of others.  When they have been paralysed by fear and shame, this oil gets them moving again.  Fennel re-establishes a strong connection to the body and the self when there has been weakness or separation.  Fennel also supports an individual in listening to the subtle messages of the body.  This is especially important in situations where there has been a loss of connection to the body’s natural signals due to emotional eating, severe dieting, eating issue or dug abuse.  Through attunement with the body’s actual needs, Fennel curbs cravings for experiences that dull the senses.  This oil then supports the individual n hearing the body’s signals of hunger, thirst, satiation or exhaustion.   Fennel is also supportive in regaining one’s appetite for nourishment, food and life itself.

Ginger – The Oil of Empowerment it holds no reservations.  This oil has a purpose and will fulfil it!  Ginger powerfully persuades individuals to be fully present and participate in life.  It teaches that to be successful in life, one must be wholly committed to it  Ginger addresses deep patterns of victim mentality, which is evidenced by feelings of powerlessness, believing everything is outside one’s control, refusing to take responsibility for life, or blaming life circumstances on other people or outside influence.  Victims feel stuck as they decentralize or disown responsibility and blame others for their misfortunes.  Ginger empowers individuals in taking complete responsibility for their life circumstances.  It infuses a warrior-like mentality based on integrity, personal responsibility and individual choice.  Here, individuals see themselves as the creators of their own lives.  No longer waiting for outside circumstances to change, they choose their own destiny.  The empowered individuals assume full responsibility and accountability for the consequences of their actions or inactions.

Grapefruit – The Oil of Honouring the Body teaches true respect and appreciation for one’s physical body.  It supports individuals who struggle to honour their body and are caught in patterns of mistreatment.  These forms of abuse may include severe dieting, judging one’s body weight or type and abusing the body through negligent behaviour or violence.  These acts are often motivated by hate and disgust buried within the psyche, which gets directed toward the physical body.  Though individuals may obsess over how they look, deep down they never feel they look good enough.  There is a dissatisfaction that persists.  Grapefruit oil is often misused in overly strict dietary and weight loss programs.  The reason this oil helps cub emotional eating is because it encourages a positive relationship with one’s body based on love, tolerance and acceptance.  Grapefruit encourages integrity by respecting one’s physical needs.  This oil assists individuals in listening to their true physical needs and impulses.  It also assists them in taking responsibility for what they feel.  Grapefruit teaches that no amount of food can fill a hole in the heart = only love can do that.  As individuals take ownership of their feelings and get the help they need in addressing them, they no longer have a need to hide their feelings behind food, body abuse, strict regimens, eating issues or other forms of obsession.

Juniper Berry – The Oil of the Night assists those who fear the dark or unknown aspects of themselves.  It helps individuals to understand that those things they fear are intended to be their teachers.  Instead of hiding rom what they do not understand, Juniper Berry encourages individuals to learn the lesson and face their fear.  These fears often live within the unexplored areas of the self.  Juniper Berry acts as a catalyst by helping individuals access and address those fears and issues which have long been avoided.  Dreams contain night time communications.  Even nightmare can reveal unresolved fears and issue.  Juniper Berry offers courage and energetic protection in the night time.  It encourages and honey assessment of the information being communicated from within.  As individuals reconcile with their fears and other hidden aspects of themselves, they experience greater wholeness.  Juniper Berry helps restore the balance between light and dark , conscious and subconscious, day and night.  It acts as a guide on the path toward wholeness.  Juniper Berry teaches that there is truly nothing to fear when one acknowledges and accepts all aspects of the self.

Wintergreen – The Oil of Surrendercan assist strong-willed individuals in letting go of the need to know and the need to be right.  It takes great internal strength to surrender to a Higher Power.  Wintergreen imbues the soul with this strength and teaches how to let go and be free of the negativity and pain one holds on to.  The belief that life is painful and must be shouldered alone makes it so.  Wintergreen invites individuals to surrender these strong opinions.  Wintergreen reminds individuals that they do not have to do life on their own.  There is a constant invitation to surrender one’s burdens to a Higher Power.  All that is required is to release and let go.  Wintergreen teaches that one can turn their hardships over to that power greater than themselves so they do not have to carry the burden of life all alone.

Suggested Crystals: 

Citrine increases self confidence, desire and creativity.  Strengthens memory and intellect.  It is also known as the abundance or wealth stone.

Carnelian eliminates confusion and is therefore recommended for people who tend to be absentminded.  May reduce depression and feelings of loneliness.  Directs creative energy to ones higher self.

Clear Quartz can amplify and purify thoughts.  It absorbs energy and can transfer the energy to your inner self.  Amplifies feelings and therefore not advised to hold during difficult physical or mental times.

Suggested Affirmation:  “I am powerful, confident, and successful in all my ventures.” 

Chakra 4  -  Heart 

Location:  heart

Colour:  green

Sound:  YAM

Function:  love, friendship, companionship

Indications of Blockage:  heart disease, lung issues, feeling of separation, isolation, loneliness

Suggested Essential Oils:  

Cardamom – The Oil of Objectivity helps individuals to regain objectivity, mental sobriety and self-control.  It assists individuals who frequently feel frustrated or angry with other people.  Cardamom is specifically helpful for times when one’s anger goes to their head, causing them to become hot-headed.  In such situation, the individual becomes inebriated with anger, losing control and rational function.  Cardamom helps to bring balance, mental clarity and objectivity during moments of extreme anger and frustration.  Cardamom is specially beneficial for individuals with a long history of anger or aggression, which often becomes directed outward.  It is helpful for those who give focus on their problems, especially their frustrations.  Cardamom assists individuals in breaking down or digesting these intense emotions of frustration and anger by redirecting energy to solar plexus, the centre of responsibility.  In this way, Cardamom helps individuals let go of emotional distortions which cause them to objectify other people and sees them as inconveniences.  Cardamom demands that individuals stop blaming others.  It asks them to take personal ownership and responsibility for their feelings.  As they do, they will feel more at peace, calm and in control of themselves.

Eucalyptus – The Oil of Wellness The strong menthol-like aroma of Eucalyptus demonstrates its power effect upon the physical and emotional bodies.  Eucalyptus oil supports the soul who is constantly facing immune compromising situations.  They may be well for a time only to return to attracting the common afflictions of the season.  Eucalyptus teaches that individuals hold unresolved emotional pain in their heart centre and specifically in their lungs.  It invites individuals to respond to their apparent physical susceptibility by also addressing the underlying emotions behind their symptoms.  Eucalyptus addresses a deep emotional or spiritual issue of the need to be unwell or inundated.  It reveals patterns of thinking that continually create compromised health.  These beliefs may include thoughts such as “I don’t deserve to be well” “I am the sort of person that is always getting sick” or ‘The only way I can get a break is to get sick”.  Eucalyptus gives individuals courage to face these issues and beliefs.  It encourages them to let go of their attachments to being the victim of compromise.  Eucalyptus encourages individuals to take full responsibility for their own health.  It bestows trust that one’s needs and desires can be met, even if they allow themselves to be well.  Eucalyptus teaches how to claim wholeness and health.

Geranium – The Oil of Love & Trust restores confidence in the innate goodness of others and in the world.  It facilitates trust, especially when individuals have lost trust in others due to difficult life circumstances.  It also assists in re-establishing a strong bond to one’s mother and father.  When there has been a loss of trust in relationships, Geranium encourages emotional honestly, love and forgiveness.  It fosters receptivity to human love and connection.  Geranium aids in healing the broken heart.  It encourages emotional honesty by facilitating the emergence of grief or pain that has been suppressed.  Geranium softens anger and assists in healing emotional wounds.  It assists in reopening the heart so that love may flow freely.  Indeed, Geranium could be call “the emotional healer”.  Geranium is a gentle oil, perfect for babies and children.  It nurtures the inner child and supports in re-parenting this aspect of the self.  Individuals who have a difficult time accessing their emotions can be supported by Geranium, as it leads away from the logical mind and into the warmth and nurture of the heart.  As its root, Geranium heals the heart, instils unconditional love and fosters trust.

Lime – The Oil for the Zest of Lifeimbues the soul with a zest for life.  When individuals have been weighed down by discouragement or grief, Lime elevates them above the mire.  It instils courage and cheer in the heart and reminds them to be grateful for the gift of life.  Lime cleanses the heart, especially when there has been an accumulation of emotional toxins due to avoidance or repression.  This oil revitalizes the heart space, giving room for light and joy.  It clears discouragement and thoughts and feelings related to a loss of will to live.  Lime shines light on the inner motives hidden in the heart and encourages emotional honestly.  Lime can also assist individuals who have overly developed their intellectual capacities but have neglected to develop themselves emotionally.  This oil encourages balance between the heart and mind.  It clears congestion from the heart region, assisting one in feeling safe and at home in their heart.  Lime dispels apathy and resignation and instils hope, joy, courage and determination to face all of life’s challenges.

Marjoram – The Oil of Connection aids those who are unable to trust others or form meaningful relationships.  This inability to trust often stems from harsh life experiences.  These individuals develop a fear of close connection in relationships.  They may tend toward reclusive behaviours, protecting themselves even further by abstaining from social interactions.  They may also protect themselves by unconsciously sabotaging long\term relationships.  Marjoram shows the barriers they have formed to protect themselves from others.  It reveals patterns of aloofness, distancing oneself from other people, or being cold.  Those in need of Marjoram oil most likely use these protective coping strategies unintentionally.  Deep down they desire the intimate connection they subconsciously sabotage.  Marjoram teaches that trust is the basis for all relationships.  It assists an individual in increasing their warmth and trust in social situations.  Marjoram softens the heart and heals past wounds.  It kindles the fires of trust in relationships so that one may fully blossom.  When an individual feels safe and loved, they express their authenticity more freely.  Marjoram restores trust and openness to that true bonds of love may be formed in friendships and relationships.

Tea Tree – The Oil of Energetic Boundaries cleanser by nature, Tea Tree also known as Melaleuca oil clears negative energetic baggage.  It specifically releases co-dependent and parasitic relationships.  These toxic relationships may be with people, microorganisms in the physical body or spiritual beings.  Individuals may feel drained of life force and energy but they may not be consciously aware of the source of this energy leakage.  Tea Tree helps break the negative ties in these kinds of relationships so that new, healthy connections may be formed that honour ones’ personal space and boundaries.  This energetic “vampirism” between organisms violates the laws of nature.  Tea Tree encourages an individual to connect to people and beings in ways that honour and respect others’ agency.  It helps individuals recognize the parts of themselves that invited and allowed these kinds of relationships to exist in the first place.  Through these empowering processes, Tea Tree encourages individuals to relinquish all forms of self-betrayal, including allowing others to take advantage of one’s time, energy or talents: letting others feed on one’s energy; not standing up for oneself; or feeling responsible for the problems of others.  Tea Tree assists individuals in purification practices and in releasing toxic debris.

Peppermint – The Oil of A Buoyant Heart brings joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul.  It invigorates body, mind, spirit and reminds individuals that life can be happy, and they don’t have to be controlled by fear.  It lifts an individual out of their emotional trials for a short reprieve.  When individuals use Peppermint, they feel as thought they’re gliding through life.  It assists in staying on the surface of emotional issues like floating on top of water. 

Rose – The Oil of Divine Love holds a higher vibration than any other oil on the planet.  It is a powerful healer of the heart.  It supports individuals in reaching heavenward and connecting with divine love.  Rose teaches the essential need for divine grace and intervention in the healing process.  As an individual opens to receive divine benevolence in all its manifestations, the heart is softened.  If one can simply let go and choose to receive divine love, they are wrapped in warmth, charity and compassion.  Rose invites individuals to experience the unwavering, unchanging, unconditional love of the Divine.  This love heals all hearts and dresses all o]wounds.   It restores individuals to authenticity, wholeness and purity.  As one feels unconditional love and acceptance, the heart is softened.  As the heart fully opens, a fountain of love flows freely through the soul.  In this state, one feels charity and compassion.  Charity is experienced on behalf of oneself and others.  Rose embodies divine love and teaches individuals how to contact this love through prayer, meditation and opening the heart to receive.

Thyme – The Oil of Releasing & Forgivingit’s one of the most powerful cleansers of the emotional body and assists in addressing trapped feelings which have been  buried for a long time.  It reaches deep within the body and soul, searching for unresolved negativity.  Thyme brings to the surface old stagnant feelings.  It is particularly helpful in treating the toxic emotions of hate, rage, anger and resentment, which cause the heart to close.  Thyme empties the soul of negativity, leaving the heart wide open.  In this state of openness, individuals begin to feel tolerance and patience for others.  As the heart opens more and ore, it is able to receive love and offer forgiveness.  Thyme teaches that it’s time to let go and move forward.  As individuals forgive, they free themselves from emotional bondage.  Thyme transforms hate and anger into love and forgiveness.

Ylang Ylang- The Oil of The Inner Child is powerful remedy for the heart.  Modern day society honours and reveres the mind over the heart.  Yet the heart, with its intuitive ways of receiving information, is an essential part of the soul.  Ylang Ylang reconnects individuals with the inner child and the pure, simple ways of the heart.  It encourages play and restores a childlike nature and innocence.  It assists in accessing intuition or “heart knowing”.  Ylang Ylang is also a powerful remedy for releasing emotional trauma from the past.  It is a fantastic support in age regression work and other methods of emotional healing.  Yland Ylang also assists individuals in releasing bottled-up emotions such as anger and sadness.  Feelings that have been buried inside are brought to the light through Ylang Ylang’s assistance.  This oil allows emotional healing to flow naturally, nurturing the heart through the process.  It reminds the individual that joy can be felt and experienced more fully by allowing the heart its full range of emotions.

Suggested Crystals: 

Rose Quartz exudes a soft, loving energy and increases one’s feeling of being content.  Allows one to feel more calm and peaceful particularly during times of stress and anxiety.  Opens and cleanses the heart chakra, allowing one to accept love wholeheartedly.  Increases self-confidence and self-love, as well as love of those around you.  Cleans old emotional wounds while helping the development of self-love.

Green Aventurine is an all round healer encouraging wellbeing and emotional calm.  Balances the yin-yang energies.  Motivates positive attitudes and feelings of independence.  Relieves fear and anxiety.

Clear Quartz can amplify and purify thoughts.  It absorbs energy and can transfer the energy to your inner self.  Amplifies feelings and therefore not advised to hold during difficult physical or mental times.

Suggested Affirmation:  “I am giving and receiving love effortlessly and unconditionally.”

Chakra 5  -  Throat

Location:  throat

Colour:  blue

Sound:  HAM

Function:  ideas, communication

Indications of Blockage:  colds, difficulty expressing feelings, communication issues, shoulder and arm issues

Suggested Essential Oils: 

Birch – The Oil of Support – offers support to the unsupported.  When a person is feeling attached or unsupported in life, this oil offers courage to move forward alone.  It helps individuals ground within their own centre to find their source of inner support and strength.  Learning to be flexible is important but so is gaining a strong backbone.  Birch offers support to the weak willed to stand tall and firm in what they believe, especially in situation where one is at risk of being reflected if they choose a different way.  Birch lends its spirit of endurance to help individuals face trials of adversity so they may weather storms with the strength and conviction of a tree.  Birch also encourages individuals to accept support when it is offered.  Often, when individuals have carried their burdens alone, they don’t know how to receive assistance.  Birth counsels individuals to not become the reason they are unsupported, blocking those who would lend their support.  It reminds that it sometimes requires more strength to accept help than to go it alone.  Birch teaches those in need to trust that even if they are abandoned by all others, the Divine will always be there.  It also reinforces there is more to life than pain and with the right support and the right grounding, one can be held up and sustained through hardship.

Lavender – The Oil of Communication & Calm aids verbal expression and calming the mind.  Specifically, it calms the insecurities that are felt when one risks their true thoughts and feelings.  Lavender addresses a deep fear of being seen and heard.  Individuals in need of Lavender hide within, blocking their true self-expression.  While they may be going through the motions of outward expression, they’re actually holding back their innermost thoughts and feelings.  The expression is not connected to the heart or soul.  Lavender supports individuals in releasing the tension and constriction that stems from withheld expression.  The bottleneck in communication can result in worried and racing thoughts, anxiousness and sleep disruption.  Due to past experience, they may feel unsafe or fearful of expressing themselves because of potential rejection.  Often they don’t allow themselves space to get in touch with all they truly think and feel.  Their true voice is therefore trapped within and goes unexpressed.  Strong feelings of being unlovable unimportant or unheard can accompany this condition.  Lavender encourages emotional honesty and insists that one speak their innermost thoughts and desires.  As individuals learn to communicate their deepest thoughts and feeling, they are liberated from their self inflicted prison.  It is through open and honest communication n individual has the potential to  experience unconditional love, acceptance and peace of mind.  Through Lavender’s courageous spirit, one is free to share their True Self with others.

Oregano – The Oil of Humility & Non-Attachment cuts through the fluff of life and teaches individuals to do the same.  It removes blocks, clears negativity and cuts away negative attachments.  Oregano is a powerful oil and may even be described as forceful or intense.  Oregano addresses a person’s need to be right.  Individuals in need of Oregano may attempt to convert other people to their own fixed opinions.  Their strong will can make them unteachable and unwilling to budge.  They hold rigidly to their opinions and belief systems.  However, Oregano is resolute and has the power to break through a strong will and teach humility.  On the deepest level, Oregano dispels materialism and attachment that hinders growth and progress.  While using Oregano, a person may feel encouraged to end a toxic relationship, quit an oppressive job, or end ab destructive habit.  These toxic attachments limit one’s capacity to feel a healthy connection to the Divine.  Oregano encourages true spirituality by inviting the soul to  live in non-attachment and teaches that devotion to a Higher Power includes letting go of rigidity, wilfulness, negative attachments and materialism.

Suggested Crystals: 

Lapis Lazuli activates the higher chakras bringing awareness of Soul and Spiritual purpose in life.  Promotes courage and lets your light shine in the world as you speak your truth with clarity.

Clear Quartz can amplify and purify thoughts.  It absorbs energy and can transfer the energy to your inner self.  Amplifies feelings and therefore not advised to hold during difficult physical or mental times.

Suggested Affirmation:  “I am speaking clearly and truthfully with grace and ease.”

Chakra 6  -  Third Eye

Location:  forehead

Colour:  indigo

Sound:  OM

Function:  intuition

Indications of Blockage:  eye issues, headaches, fear of failure, denial

Suggested Essential Oils:  

Clary Sage – The Oil of Clarity & Vision assists individuals in changing their perceptions.  It gives courage to see the truth.  One of the finest oils for the brow Chakra, Clary Sage dispels darkness and illusion, helping individuals to see their limiting belief systems.  Clary Sage encourages individuals to remain open to new ideas and new perspectives.  It can assist during a healing crisis when a drastic change of perspective is required.  Clary Sage opens the soul to new possibilities and experiences.  Clary Sage assists in opening creative channels and clearing creative blocks.  It eliminates distractions from the mind and assists individuals in finding a state of emptiness where creative forces may be realized.  Opening individuals to the dream world, Clary Sage increases the ability to visualize and imagine new possibilities.   Clary Sage teaches the spirit how to use its divinely given gifts and is especially helpful in clarifying spiritual vision.  It assists in developing the gift of discernment.  Clary Sage invites individuals to expand their vision and accept the reality of the spiritual world.

Lemongrass – The Oil of Cleansing is a powerful cleanser of energy.  It dispels feelings of despondency, despair and lethargy.  Lemongrass assists individuals in entering a healing mode or cleansing state.  In this state, one easily lets go of old, limiting beliefs, toxic energies and negativity.  Lemongrass teaches individuals to move forward without hesitation.  It asks them to commit to a healing path where change is a regular occurrence.  Lemongrass can also be a powerful tool in cleansing the energy within a house, room or office space.  It encourages individuals with hoarding tendencies to courageously let go of everything they no  longer need.  Lemongrass also clears negative energy from the brow Chakra or Spiritual eyes.  As individuals let go of past issue and stagnant energy, they have an increased ability to see situations with greater clarity.  It supports individuals’ energy in flowing freely and smoothly.  Lemongrass has a powerful mission to assist in cleansing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Suggested Crystals Chakra 6: 

Sodalite supports Strength, Self Confidence and the flow of Communication.  Good for calming, harmony and courage.  Prevents emotional blockages to Spiritual understanding.

Amethyst can be helpful for relaxation and meditation as well as providing psychic protection and helping Spiritual growth.  An all-round physical healer that assists with sleeplessness, headaches and addictions. Humility is it’s purpose.  Facilitates decision making and soothes an overactive mind.  Emotionally centering, dispels anger fear and anxiety.  Alleviates sadness and grief.

Clear Quartz can amplify and purify thoughts.  It absorbs energy and can transfer the energy to your inner self.  Amplifies feelings and therefore not advised to hold during difficult physical or mental times.

Suggested Affirmation:  “I am tuned into the Divine to follow the path towards my purpose.”

Chakra 7  -  Crown 

Location:  Top of Head

Colour:  Violet

Sound:  OM

Function:  Understanding

Indications of Blockage:  depression, alienation, inability to learn, confusion, apathy, desperation

Suggested Essential Oils:  

Frankincense – The Oil of Truth reveals deceptions and false truths.  It invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity.  This oil helps create new perspectives based on light and truth.  Frankincense recalls to memory spiritual understanding, gifts, wisdom and knowledge that the soul brought into the world.  It is a powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness.  Frankincense assists in pulling the “scales of darkness” from the eyes, the barriers from the mind and the walls from the heart.  Through connecting the soul with its inner light, this oil reveals the truth.  Frankincense supports in creating a healthy attachment with one’s father.  It assists in spiritual awakening and helps an individual feel the love of the Divine.  When one has felt abandoned or forgotten, Frankincense reminds them that they are loved and protected.  While this oil is incredibly powerful, it is also gentle, like a loving father who nurtures, guides and protects.  Frankincense shields the body and soul from negative influences and assists the soul in its spiritual evolution.  Enhancing practices of prayer and meditation, this oil opens spiritual channels that allow an individual to connect to God.  Through the light and power of Frankincense, the individual can draw closer to divinity, healthy masculinity and the grandeur of the True Self.

Helichrysum – The Oil For Pain is an amazing healer of emotional pain.  It aids the walking wounded – those with a history of difficult life circumstances, trauma, self-destruction, loss, or abuse.  These individuals need the powerful spiritual support that helichrysum offers.  It gives strength and endurance to the wounded soul who must keep on living, despite past difficulties.  This oil restores confidence in life and in the self, giving the individual strength to carry on.  Helichrysum has a powerful relationship with the light of the sun.  It imbues joy and hope for living.  Helichrysum takes hurt souls by the hand, guiding them through life’s difficulties.  If individuals can persevere, this oil can take them into new heights of spiritual consciousness.  Helichrysum offers hope that their emotional wounds can be healed.  Following this spiritual healing and transformation, Helichrysum can teach individuals to have gratitude for their trials.  It helps them to see that if they had not been wounded, they would not have sought healing that resulted in a spiritual rebirth.  Just as the phoenix dies and rises from its ashes, so might an individual be raised from turmoil.  Helichrysum lends its warrior spirit so that one may face adversities with courage and determination.  It brings hope to the most discouraged of souls and life to those in need of rebirth.

Lemon – The Oil of Focus – the delightful citrusy aroma of Lemon oil engages the mind and aids concentration.  While Lemon supports the emotional body, its major effects are experienced in the mental field.  The crisp scent of Lemon oil improves one’s ability to focus.  Lemon is a wonderful aid for children struggling with school.  It teaches individuals to be mentally present by focusing on one thing at a time.  Lemon dispels confusion and bestows clarity.  It counterbalances mental fatigue due to too much studying or reading.  Lemon restores energy, mental flexibility and drive to complete a project.  Lemon is especially helpful in cases of learning issues.  Whether an individual has a difficult time concentrating or feels incapable of learning, Lemon clears self-judgments such as “I’m dumb” or “I’m not a good student”.  Lemon calms fears and insecurities while restoring confidence in the self.  Emotionally, Lemon inspires a natural playfulness and buoyancy in the heart.  It assists in releasing feelings of despair and hopelessness by restoring feelings of joy and happiness.  Lemon inspires joyful involvement in the present moment by infusing the soul with energy, confidence and alertness.

Melissa – The Oil of The Light – awakens the soul to truth and light.  It reminds individuals of who they truly are and why they came to this earth.  Melissa invites one to release everything and anything that holds them back from reaching their fullest potential.  Melissa assists individuals in receiving spiritual guidance by reconnecting them with their inner voice.  It uplifts the soul by preparing one to ascend.  When one feels too weighed down by the burdens of life Melissa encourages them to keep going.  It gives strength and vitality to the innermost recesses of the heart and soul.  This invites one to participate in higher realms of living and dreaming.  As they stay connected to spiritual sources, they feel lightness in their being and brightness in their core.  Melissa reminds everyone that each individual has a spark of divinity within them, and with love and attention , the spark will grow.  This oil fuels that spark of energy, igniting an individual’s True Self.  Melissa assists them in shedding everything that is not in harmony with their inner light.  Melissa’s enthusiasm is contagious.  Through the intense light and vibration this oil has to offer, individuals may feel they cannot help but let go of feelings of darkness, despair and other low vibrations that are holding them down.  It teaches the joy of living.

Roman Chamomile – The Oil of Spiritual Purposesupports individuals in discovering and living their true life's purpose.  Regardless of what someone does for a living, they can find purpose and meaning in life.  Purpose isn’t defined simply by outward actions of individuals; it is housed within their heart and soul and radiates out to the world.  As individuals live from the centre of their beings, they find power and purpose that in indescribable.  They also feel calmer and more at peace.  Roman Chamomile assists a person in shedding the meaningless activities that consume their lives, so they can focus on amore fulfilling work, even the work of their own souls.  This oil assists in feeling connected to and supported by divine helpers and guides, and calms insecurities about following one’s spiritual path.  When in doubt, Roman Chamomile softens the personality, easing the overactive ego-mind.  It restores one’s confidence in doing what they came to this earth to do.  People fearfully believe that if they do what they love, they will end up destitute.  Roman Chamomile reminds them to do what they love to experience true success.

Rosemary – The Oil of Knowledge & Transition assists in the development of true knowledge and true intellect.  It teaches that one can be instructed from a far greater space of understanding than the human mind.   It challenges individuals to look deeper than they normally would and ask more soul-searching questions so that they may receive more inspired answers.  Rosemary assists individuals who struggle with learning difficulties.  It brings expansion to the mind, supporting individuals in receiving new information and new experiences.  Rosemary aids in times of transition and change.  When a person is having difficult time adjusting to a new house, school, or relationship, this oil can assist.  Rosemary teaches that one does not understand all things because they have a mortal perspective.  It invites individuals to trust in a higher, more intelligent power than themselves.  It supports them in feeling confident and assured during times of great change in understanding or perspective.  Rosemary roots them in the true knowledge that surpasses all understanding.

Sandalwood – The Oil of Sacred Devotion – assists with all kinds of prayer, meditation and spiritual worship.  This oil has been used since ancient times for its powerful ability to calm the mind, still the heart and prepare the spirit to commune with God.  Sandalwood teaches of spiritual devotion and spiritual sacrifice.  It invites individuals to place all material attachments on the alter of sacrifice so that they may truly progress spiritually.  This oil asks individuals to assess where their hearts are and challenges them to reorder their priorities to be in alignment with the Devine will.  Sandalwood assists in quieting the mind so that individuals may hear the subtle voice of the Spirit.  It raises them into higher levels of consciousness.  Sandalwood assists one in reaching beyond their current confines and belief systems.  For those who are ready to leave behind attachment to fame, wealth and need for acceptance, Sandalwood teaches true munility, devotion and love for the Divine.

Suggested Crystals: 

Amethyst can be helpful for relaxation and meditation as well as providing psychic protection and helping Spiritual growth.  An all-round physical healer that assists with sleeplessness, headaches and addictions. Humility is it’s purpose.  Facilitates decision making and soothes an overactive mind.  Emotionally centering, dispels anger fear and anxiety.  Alleviates sadness and grief.

Clear Quartz can amplify and purify thoughts.  It absorbs energy and can transfer the energy to your inner self.  Amplifies feelings and therefore not advised to hold during difficult physical or mental times.

Suggested Affirmation:  “I am one with my higher self and one with the Divine.” 

Thank you for connecting with Natural Magix and wishing you all the very best with your journey.  I trust some information that I have shared with you will support you in some beautiful way.

In love and light,

White Grandfather Sage Michael 

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